donderdag 16 juni 2011


We had a lot of rain today,
so on to the knitting
instead of working in the garden.
The plants though were very happy with a good soak
(they were gladly dripping)

There was a pattern of a shawl
from our favourite yarn shop that I wanted to try
(the Drops yarn was in my stash)

It ís a kind of "Baktus" pattern
(increasing at one side every four rows)
One side is strait and the other side has a lacey bit
of twelve repeating rows.

Pffft ...
it takes a long time to get accustomed to these twelve rows !!!

But for some easy knitting

there is ofcourse my second sock!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. that's an interesting way to make a shawl, haven't seen one made from the side corner before. nice yarns.

  2. The purple scarf looks great so far. Yes second sock. I have to smile because I knitted one sock years ago and forgot how to do the other one haha!

  3. I enjoy seeing your knitting, which is an 'addiction' i have said "no" to so far... I leave it to my daughter to cover that creative front. The yarns are so beautiful...

  4. the edge on the first piece is gorgeous!

  5. Leuke weblog, Els.
    Het recept "Perzisch" komt me bekend voor.
    Ik maak het ook een paar keer per jaar gedurende
    40 jaar.Groetjes en tot later deze zomer.