dinsdag 21 juni 2011

summer solstice

The longest day :
summer is here
though you would not have said that the last few days when
torrential rains came down and the sun was nowhere to be seen.
But this afternoon : there he was
and the garden looked happy and green

( It is so funny when you realize that on the opposite side of the globe
it it the shortest day !
I saw that at T's place : cold days and mushrooms
and it's getting dark around four in the afternoon ! )
We ate a warm and colourful dinner :
a recipe I learned a long time ago from a friend's brother
who was an air steward and brought it home from Persia.

First a lot of crying cutting unions ...

... in the pan with minced meat (or a vegatarian replacement for that)
a full tea spoon of spicy curry powder and tomato purée and some water
let it stew for ten minutes
then add chunky pieces of apple and five minutes after that
add the sliced banana :
a delicious meal with lots of  sun  in it !

I think I take a little blogbreak
doing some other necessary things for a while ...
see you later

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Els is that your garden? it would be a prize winning Open Garden out here, i'd love to see more pics of it.
    BTW, we had snow showers here yesterday plus a lot of strong wind - definately Winter Solstice here.

  2. that pot of delicious sun-----mmmm. will try that one with the vegi alternative of course. great garden els.


  3. Yummm!!! Thanks for the dinner idea. I will be eating a bowl of sun here tonight myself! love, sus

  4. Els your garden is a picture of happiness...here it is one of two seasons...wet or dry...at the moment it is wet...wet...wet...but on the up side everything is green...and I am able to post a comment on your blog!

  5. Wat een lieve tuin heb jij Els! Ja, het werd tijd dat de zon ging schijnen. Heerlijk recept. Doe jij ook mee met Jude's Magic workshop?