vrijdag 10 juni 2011

garden again

Today there wasn't too much sun
so I had to do a long postponed job :

this box-tree was badly in need of a haircut ...

... and so was the other one.

I usually do it a bit earlier in the season when all the surrounding plants
are not yet thát high, but the sunny weather prevented it.
So today was a good day for that haircut !

You see ? Els Scissorhand was here !
( I added another layer as well )

In my (small) garden certain colours are "forbidden" :
bright poppy-red, orange and bright yellow.
I go more for all the blues, purples, dark reds, magenta and pinks,
white and a bit of mild buttery yellow.

like this .... !

So what came over me buying this Cosmos ????
( it didn't have a flower than ! )

very  orange  I would say ....
 but I love it !
hummm ... and I hope to get some seeds for next year.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I too like the soft pinks and magentas, and who can resist astrantia, but how the blues make that lovely orange sing! Full of life.

  2. i love orange in the right proportion... i bet it makes the blues and purples pop!