maandag 2 oktober 2017

day 2

Today I worked on tiny pieces of felt.

When I choose wet felt for this challenge, I have to work in advance
because I'm only able to do the embroidery
when the felt is totally dry.

(I just did a felted piece on commission for someone
and wanted to see how it would look with the embroidery,
so I started without waiting for the piece to be dry ...
It wasn't a success : I had to wait a bit longer before I could finish it !)

So this flower was wet felted a few days back
and then, later, finished.
I always love flowers, but sometimes they are to big
that's why this one is much smaller.

Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel for day 2

double wet felted flower in cobalt and turquoise
(7,5 cm) 
sequins and beads in the center

(indication of the size)

If you want to have this flower adorn your clothes
or those of a friend ...

€  10 


it can be yours
(to wear or give away)
You just have to send me an email at

All the money will go to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


Had to take this picture with the saffron crocus !!!

See you tomorrow ! 

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