zaterdag 7 oktober 2017

day 7

Amersfoort : VKG day
(Dutch Felt Group)

Oh my, what a full day it was !
Full of joy, seeing old and making new friends,
full of wonderful stuff to buy,
full of constructive discussions
on certain matters between members and the board,
full of noise
(women talk a LOT while felting)
and full of wonderful results of that felting !
Oh and YES : and I sold some of the extra Textile Jewels I had !!!

Thank you so much ladies :
four Jewels sold and an extra € 5 just because of Pink Ribbon !

Home again Man made me coffee and dinner
so I could finish my today's Jewel 
(pffffft done)

The PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel for day 7

Cobalt blue hollow earrings
(3 cm)
sparkles on the inside and the outside
(sequins and stitches)
(daylight-lamp picture, but it's really cobalt blue !)

They would make a lovely completion
to a blue or turquoise outfit
if you dare
(I myself wear even bigger earrings  ;-) ...)

For a donation of

€ 10


they can be yours.
Just send me an email at
and I'll make sure they come flying to you.

All the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund



I have to show you some of the lovely results of the VKG-day


and some of the results !

See you tomorrow with another Textile Jewel !

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  1. Ik sla weer over.... prachtig die zaaddozen. Vooral die peulen zijn erg mooi. Een idee voor een sieraad?

  2. Snuffelend op je blog kom ik de online cursus schelpen tegen ven Corinna , achternaam weet ik niet meer. Ik heb ook al wel redelijk wat gevilt en workshops gevolgd. Is haar cursus een aanrader? Ik vind de schelpen zo mooi....

    1. Was fantastisch (met een leuk blog, maar dat sluit bijna ...) zie ook hier :