woensdag 31 augustus 2011

another August project finished

When I was in the felting mood
I tried another plan that I had for some time
but didn't get to.
I wanted to make a shawl with holes
or rather a collar.

I layed out the wool rovings on the paper pattern
that I made in the right (bigger) size
It was not very easy because I didn't want the fibres
to go in only one direction

well I finally managed to get it to my liking
and started felting

... keeping an eye on the size ...

So far it looked alright
but the largest hole in the middle was kind of sagging,
and I was not pleased with that.
Some holes had turned out too big and had a wrong shape.
( so I did some other things, as I mostly do in a situation like this,
before I decided what to do next )

I had to close some of these holes,
so up with the machine and some fabric

Then again some waiting and musing ...
there the internet is sometimes helpful with ideas
Cécile makes wonderful embroidery on felt
and the little bag of Corinna with hér embroidery on it
were just the little push I needed

So yesterday I started with swirls and spirals
( since long my personal  favourites )
on the collar

and finished it today

The other holes will stay open to be able to tie up the cords
( in fact the colour is more purple than in this photo )

btw .... another feather

9 opmerkingen:

  1. gorgeous, Els. and the colors are amazing. nice save by backing it with fabric. lovely feather.

  2. Wow, very beautiful, love the color!

  3. That's amazing, seeing how it started and what it became. Really lovely work.

  4. Cudowne.
    Super przenikanie kolorów. Bardzo ciekawy projekt.

  5. just beautiful! The turquoise jewel petals/leaves remind me of Art Nouveau enamelwork.

  6. such a beautiful collar, i'm in awe.

  7. Wow oh wow, Els! This collar is just beautiful. I admire your perseverance in making it work. love, sus

  8. Such amazing work! Thank you for sharing about the poem, how funny!