zondag 21 augustus 2011

change of season ?

A few days ago I found the first bright red leaf
of one of the trees in our garden.
I thought that a bit early
for halfway August !
But you never know for sure with this time of the year
all of a sudden the earth smells different,
a lot more spiders hanging around
(to catch you in the morning, when you're not aware of them yet)
a little earlier dark in the evening
Yes, certainly the first signs
of the change from summer to autumn.
Perhaps thát's why I chose these colours for a new bag
the day before yesterday

flaming autumn colours
( well ... I also like red hair ! )

And for this bag Fiona gave me a little push towards "nuno" felting again.
Daughter and I collected a lot of thin vintage shawls
in all different colours, but most of the time
we use them for nuno felted shawls or wraps.

For this bag I found a matching colour shawl
and although it's not silk, it did okay.

On the bottom and on the flap I joined some felted "tails"

For the front and the back I used four thin layers of wool roving
so now the size turned out better than with the red "Kaffe Fassett" bag

one third shrinkage is what we get most of the time
when we do all things right
( that's why we make the template so much bigger )

 So after rinsing out the soap properly
and a bit of vinegar in the last rinsing water
I left it drying a bit in the bathroom

But I had to look how it fits to my new socks
( up till the toe in yesterday's Stitch'nBitch company and on the fast ferry,
and the last tip this morning )

well .. quite a match
( but if someone might like it very much I might sell it )

The strap for this bag is still in the making,
like the one for the red "not - a - clutch" bag.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely purse. Your interpretation of the "Magic Feather" is neat.
    best, nadia

  2. Els! Your bag is amazing. I love the colour and the blending/highlighting of the inlaid scarf.
    I also like the way the "tails" overlap and entwine...they could almost be tied as a closure, if desired! I use leather straps and belts from the thrift shop for my handles- they hold their shape well and are never itchy on the shoulder...I like the combination of leather and wool, and the old and new coming together! Beautiful bag!

  3. Fabulous bag, Els! dark earlier and earlier here... fall coming for sure.