zondag 14 augustus 2011

triple birthday ...

We were invited to a triple birthday party.
There had to be presents.
One and two weren't that difficult, but the third ....?

So I started this morning with my special home made
chocolate cake
that's always a well recieved present.
Mmmmmmmmmm !
It's called Torta Caprese and found it in "Allerhande" a few years ago
(that's a two-weekly advertising journal of a great supermarket in Holland)

the recipe ( sorry in Dutch )

the egg whites, whisked nice and stiff as you can see, ha !

melted butter, dark chocolate, grinded almonds, whisked egg yolks with half of the sugar,
and the egg whites waiting ....
... and all of it in the backing form, ready for the oven.

Tah - daaaaah !
a present

It was a nice party
where I also voluntered to take home with me
some "mending" projects

a bicycle and a fire accident

This little fellow was hiding in the garden under some Geranium plants

tiny, tiny

on his very light coloured belly were two rows of dots with an orange stripe in between
( but he didn't like to be turned over, so I put him back again where he came from )

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The fire accident is a beautiful little heart shape....can see some nice mending there.
    And that cake sounds delicious, wish that recipe was in English too.

    Jacky xox

  2. Yummy looking cake .. mmmmm.. and love the mending you will be doing and the little creature .. well I just love little creatures!!!

  3. I immediately went looking for the recipe for Torte Caprese, and have it printed. I'll make it tomorrow, Wednesday is my birthday!
    Thanks Els, my husband loves chocolate ......