dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

still felting

Yes, the ideas must be tested.

I made a small bag today,
for which I got my inspiration
from Kaffe Fassett's fabric.
First I wanted to use it for the inside
but then I decided that the outside would be fun !

For that I had to go through daughter's stash of pre-felt

and cut out a lot of circles.

Then I had to decide on the size of the bag, not as big as my blue one.
The template was made and I started laying out the wool tops

with another go for an inside pocket

In the end I layed out the coloured pre-felt cicles on the back and the flap.

After quite some elbow grease, kneading and throwing .....

... this was the result :

The circles are a bit faded.
That happens when the prefelt is rather loose
and when you put it on right in the beginning.
( Straighter lines can be achieved with firmer pre-felt
ánd putting it on later in the proces
but ... with the possibility that it won't felt in ... )
This result is okay with me
( although the size I got isn't what I intended ...
but I know what I did do wrong ! )

I don't know yet what I will do tomorrow :
maybe ..... 
I start a feather to send to Jude !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. a lovely gentle result. maybe you will felt a feather?

  2. You make me so want to try my hand at felting, Els! Beautiful colors in you little bag. And thanks for sharing Jude's magic feather collaboration - I may chime in on that on - always have loved embroidering. -sus

  3. Oooo! I love your bag! the colors are fantastic.
    I like the way the lines have softened. I do like crisp clear lines as well, but I like how this makes your work even more different, while still connected to your inspiration!
    I'm inspired!
    And intrigued by the feather...

  4. You achieved an amazing result. Kaffe's mixed and match!