vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

oooh ... the blues

noooo ... 
nót what you might think 
not thát blues,
I am very happy at the moment.

thése blues
my "holy" blues !
I've finished my ultramarine blue bag !!!

Yesterday I felted the "failure" inside pocket and
today I cut it to the right size and stitched it (yes, sorry ...) in the bag,
the felt is really dense and thick so that was not a problem.

Now all is finished
( and I will be totally blue when I go out )

7 opmerkingen:

  1. that blue color is amazing and the bag is outstanding.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I love that shade of blue and the bag design if wonderful.

  3. Wow what a beautiful blue (bag too!)

  4. Oh Els, this is lovely. You can't get any bluer than this. Beautiful, love it - Hugs Nat

  5. Saturday I saw you wearing this new outfit.
    It fits you like a T. Applaus.
    Constance csteekjes

  6. Oh I do love that blue! Your bag design is great - the dragon belt/neck piece is still my favorite.