dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

water .....stitch by stitch

The new piece I started began as a long strip,
a scrap from Connie cut to a quarter circle became the "earth"
for the fern ( that was already on the cloth )
But then I added another strip next to the first one
to make it a square and started basting all of it down.
Some batik fabric with kind of flowers also cut in a quarter circle
and some yellow silk completed the ful circle
I love circles
( It's a bit like Jude's sun / moon, divided into four parts, I realize now )

Then there was the idea of the four elements :
air, earth, water and fire.

In the batik flowers I discovered a stem I could turn into a fish, and another one ...

... and I had a gap to close !

Then all of a sudden the thought "water" came to me !
Water of the sea evaporates by the heat of the sun, forms clouds,
becomes rain and snow and returns to the earth,
where plants get it in order to grow,
and rivers take the water back to the sea again ...
the ful circle

now I had my plan !
And then I also knew for sure : with rain and the sun .....

there had to be a rainbow
( the outline of the "air" quarter is made by thread beads, including the rainbow )

Something else I found

the "megamendung" cloud Jude sent me !!!

( Hmmmm I'm very pleased with it so far )

7 opmerkingen:

  1. this piece is more beautiful than when i first saw it. i love the way you extended the leaf and the way you accomplished that rainbow with the little thread stitches. i've been looking around for that megamendung cloth. it has such a dramatic effect. nice, those pleats on the left hand strip. you can tell, i like everything about this piece.

  2. Wow, Els, how beautiful. Glad I could be a part of this work!

  3. Very lovely! Reminiscent of Jude's work but definitely your own.

  4. This is very beautiful! I love the idea of your circle of life and the way that you have incorporated all the parts. It's well executed and beautifully stitched! I love the rainbow!

  5. all these oh so singular details that swirl
    into harmony!
    fish feathers flow
    love the pleats too. am really enjoying how
    just a few small things add so much
    it's beautiful. really really beautiful

  6. Stunning, love the thought process too lol