vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

feather Friday

When I looked at all the gathered feathers
of the Magic Feather Project
I saw that mine arrived safely in New York at last

 here is the first

and here is the little extra : a felted one

I love how all these different feathers
are flying in from all over the world to Jude
so she can make them into something special
for the hurt children that Wendy Golden-Levitt
is taking care of as a therapist.

Daughter finished her  rose - waistband
it turned out very beautiful

( she looks gorgeous, I think ) 

a job well-done

5 opmerkingen:

  1. that rose waistband is gorgeous.
    all the feathers are amazing. it will become a feather family portrait.

  2. Hello, merci de votre visite. Le projet de Jude a un effet Magic de permettre à des centaines de gens de se rencontrer à travers le monde. Peut-être pouvons-nous rester en contact à propos de "100 idées" ? À bientôt et bonne journée.

    Vertaling in Nederlander :
    Daar, dank u voor uw bezoek. jude Het project heeft een effect magie te laten honderden mensen te ontmoeten wereldwijd. Kunnen wij wellicht in contact blijft over "100 ideeën"? Vaarwel en goede dag.

    Hello, thank you for your visit. Jude's project has an effect Magic to allow hundreds of people to meet worldwide. Maybe we can stay in contact about " 100 ideas "? Goodbye and good day.

  3. My heart soars with your feather-winged fish, Els. Such a beautiful project your daughter completed!

  4. Very nice, all your work! I love specially the flying fish. Greetings from Paris.