zondag 13 oktober 2019

day 13

(we slept late after our busy day)

Ohhhh ... I love autumn 

Not a wet day like yesterday
but a nice dry autumn day
with leaves colouring on the trees.
No better way to enjoy it
than to take a prepared piece of felt that fits to the season!

The  PINK RIBBON  Textile Jewel
for day 13 :

a wet felted hollow brooch
(with silk and French knots inside)
stitched with silk, cotton floss and lustrous machine thread,
with different seed beads
(5 cm , 2")

What a great way
to celebrate (and remember) autumn !

For a donation of at least

€ 10


this brooch can be yours.
What a great gift it would make to someone dear ...

You just need to send me an email at
or tell me in the comments down here
and we'll arrange everything from there.
(no matter where you live !)

ALL the money .... goes to PINK  RIBBON !


Hope to see you tomorrow,
there will be a new Textile Jewel for someone !

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