woensdag 30 oktober 2019

day 30

Stitching on several pieces
(yes, commission is coming on fine)

The one for today wasn't easy
(that's why I don't want to knit
anything in black anymore !)

The PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 30 :

a wet felted hollow brooch with sequins inside
and many sequins and beads on the outside
stitched with metallic thread
(5.5 cm)

A very posh jewel ! 

For a donation of at least

  € 10  


this jewel can be yours,
what a lovely present it would make !!!
You just have to send me an email at
and all can be arranged
(Pay Pal is simple !)

ALL the money will go to the PINK RIBBON Fund !


Tomorrow will be your last chance !!!
The last PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel !!!
Hope to see you then.

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