dinsdag 22 oktober 2019

day 22

Perhaps it's because the leaves change in colour
that I made another GREEN jewel :
a little bit of green light is still shining.

The PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 22 :

 A hand dyed cotton and felt brooch
with many sequins to reflect the light
and several seed beads
stitched with rayon and cotton.

(again a tiny one of only 4 cm diameter)
Another glittering gem !

For a donation of at least

€ 10


this shiny little jewel can be yours,
to keep or to give away
to someone dear.
You just have to send me an email at
and the rest will follow
(or tell me in a comment down here)

ALL the money goes to PINK RIBBON !


Hope to see you tomorrow
with another Textile Jewel for PINK RIBBON !

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