zaterdag 5 oktober 2019

day 5

A much better day than yesterday
with some sunshine !

I took out the sewing machine
and machine and hand stitched the next Jewel
Though not many leaves have fallen yet :
there is an autumn leaf right here.

The  PINK  RIBBON Textile Jewel
for  day 5

A machine and hand stitched leaf brooch,
felt, cotton, linen and rayon thread
and some seed beads
(9 x 5 cm, 3.5 x 2") 

A leaf which looks great on your coat or sweater.

For a donation of at least

€ 10

this autumnal leaf
will "fly" to you,
for you to wear or give away.

You just need to send me an email at
or leave a comment down here

ALL the money goes to the  PINK RIBBON Fund !


(and this was the start ...)

See you tomorrow with a new
Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel ! 

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