donderdag 3 oktober 2019

day 3

(love it when my Jewels "disappear" so quickly !)

In this fifth Textile Jewel year
there has to be another FISH !

(I don't know for sure why ...
but every fish swims away to someone
soooooo soon !)

The  PINK  RIBBON  jewel for day  3

a lilac fish of hand dyed felt,
stitched with variegated rayon and silk,
some sequins and beads
(9 cm, 3.5")

For a donation of at least

€ 10


this little critter will come to you,
as a present for yourself or someone dear.

All you need to do is
send me an email at
or tell me at the comments down here.

ALL the money will go to  PINK  RIBBON !


(the start, this morning)

Tomorrow there will be a new Textile Jewel,
hope to see you then !

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