dinsdag 20 oktober 2020

day 20

  20 - 10 - 20  

Today was a day that needed a bit of sunshine
Some rain . . . dry again
some rain . . . dry again
on and on all day long.

So a really good day to make something bright !
Sunshine reminds me of fields with Rapeseed or Canola
(of the Brassica family)
that brighten up spring so lovely

Here is my PINK  RIBBON  Textile 
for day 20 :

a sunny wet felted hollow brooch, with gold mesh inside,
stitched with variegated rayon and lots of seed beads
(5,5 cm)

For a donation of  at least

€ 15.-


this lovely bit of continuous sunshine
can be yours, to brighten up any dreary day !
Or you can give this bit of sunshine
as a present to someone dear.
You just need to send me an email at
(or tell me down this post in the comments)
and we'll arrange the rest.
(Paypal is possible and easy,
mind the postage)

ALL the money goes to  PINK RIBBON !


Have a bright day
and hopefully I see you again tomorrow
for another Textile Jewel !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. So lovely Els! I thought of you when I went for my mammogram and the waiting room was all decorated with PINK for October. They had a pumpkin decorating contest...and they were all painted pink and had silly bras on! haha Much more gaudy than your sweet expressions for sure!

    1. ((Nancy)) Nothing more healthy than a good bit of laughter every day !
      It's so good and important that everyone keeps track of the checks ! And why not have a bit of fun, life is serious enough !!