maandag 11 oktober 2021

day 11

 Nice autumn weather :
the sun was out the whole day
but in the morning everything is wet in the garden.

For today's jewel
I also used some of the cut-outs
(that I get when I open up the little felt package
to take out the template)
They need extra care because they are so small
but they are useful !

The  PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 11 :

a wet felted turquoise triple pendant with sequins inside,
stitched with rayon and beads,
with a fabric bead on an adjustable homemade cord
in matching colours
(11 x 5.5cm    4.3 x 2.2")

For a donation of
at least

€ 15


this wonderful pendant can be yours,
to wear or to give it as a present
to someone dear !
All you need to do for that
is sending me an email at
(or tell me in the comments)
and we'll arrange the rest !
(PayPal is possible and easy !)

ALL the money you donate goes to Pink Ribbon !


One third of this month already gone, BUT
tomorrow there will be another chance
for a Textile Jewel !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Els~ Each one is so unique and so very beautiful! I'm glad you are able to sell so many of them!

    1. Thanks ((Nancy))
      Luckily so many ideas are spinning in my head so there's no problem continuing till the end of the month !