donderdag 14 oktober 2021

day 14

The 14th of October
is always a very special day in our family :
a birthday-day !
(and Man had a very very special birthday today)

So this time I had already worked ahead :
no time
for stitching with preparations in the morning, and
no time
for stitching with guests in the house !!!

here is my PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 14 :

a wet felted brooch, stitched with a dot of velvet
and many many beads and sequins.
(5cm   2")

For a donation of at least

€ 15


this joyful jewel comes to you
to brighten up your sweater or jacket,  or
you have a wonderful present for someone dear !
All you need to do is send me an email at
(or tell me in the comments)
After that we'll arrange the rest.
(PayPal is possible and easy !)

ALL the money you donate goes to Pink Ribbon !

(in the hand of Man   :-)  !)


Tomorrow . . . .. 
there will be a new Textile Jewel for
Pink Ribbon !
Hope to see you again

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