zondag 17 oktober 2021

day 17

Almost a month now the volcano Cumbre Vieja
on the Spanish island La Palma
(off the west coast of Africa)
spits hot ashes and lava galore,
which has a devastating effect on the people who live there.

It might be a fascinating view
but when it's your home that gets eaten by the lava
it is just terrifying !!!
(and it shows we are just small ants
on the face of the earth !)

I was thinking of that
when I stitched my jewel for today . . .

My  PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 17 :

a wet felted thick ring-shaped oval brooch
stitched with silk and linen
and plenty of seed beads
(5.5cm  ,  2.2")

For a donation of 
(at least)

  € 15  


this red hot jewel can be yours
to wear, or to give away to someone dear.
A bold statement on any dress, jumper or jacket !
You just need to send me an email at
and everything else will be arranged !
(PayPal is possible and simple !)

ALL the money goes to Pink Ribbon !


Will there be another jewel tomorrow ???
Hope to see you then !

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