donderdag 21 oktober 2021

day 21

This day stared with another visit to Rotterdam
to bring my sewing machine again (!)
to the shop for repair :
the machine wasn't working properly before
but after I picked it up a week ago
now it doesn't work at all !!!
that's how I felt !
(it's a bit like having the engine of your car repaired
and getting it back unrepaired and two flat tires on top !)

But stitching a little jewel eases all "pain" !

The  PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 21 :

a wet felted hollow brooch with some gold net inside,
stitched with silk and gold thread,
sequins and many beads.
(5.5 cm     2.2")

For a donation of
(at least)

 € 15 


this elegant brooch can be yours.
To brighten up any garment you want
(of yourself or of someone you give it to)
You just need to send me an email at  
(or say so in the comments below here)
and we'll arrange the next steps.

ALL the money goes to Pink Ribbon !


A new day tomorrow
a new Textile Jewel for you !

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