donderdag 13 oktober 2022

day 13 + Textiel Plus Festival

The fading day light was just enough
to take my pictures
. . . . .
after a wonderful day with daughter
at the "Textiel Plus Testival"
in Rosmalen

That's like being allowed
to taste all the delicious cookies in the bakery !!!
Except for the materials market, which is fun ,
there were so many tiny exhibitions of many many textile artists !
We've seen so many amazing and beautiful things !
And selling my two Jewels that weren't sold yet,
and meeting with an "internet friend" in real life !
A great day !

But when coming home late in the afternoon,
I still had some bits to do for today's jewel
(then dinner with daughter and kids
before I had time for the very last stitches)

But here is my PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 13 :

a two-sided wet felted hollow pendant with a "sari-silk" heart inside,
stitched with a hand dyed silk spiral,
a disc, a ball and a tiny bell
on a textile bead and with an adjustable homemade card
(10 x 5 cm,   4 x 2")

For a donation
of (at least)

€ 15


this fiery heart pendant can be yours
to give as a present to someone you love
or just for yourself !
All you need to do is send me an email at  
or tell me in the comments below
and we'll arrange the rest.
Paypal is possible and simple !

ALL your money goes to PINK RIBBON !


Tomorrow is another day
with another Textile Jewel !
Hope to see you then again


Some impressions of our MARVELLOUS day at the 
Textiel Plus Festival

Karin van der Linden

Mehdi Mashayekhi

Linda de Beer

Annek Spijker

an amazing (ongoing artwork of Irma Frijlink
(about the war in Ukraine)

(I think "Bojagi", but sorry : no name)

Karen Pompe
(from the contest)

and my own work for that

(made after the Stitch Club workshop
of Susie Vickery)

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