donderdag 6 oktober 2022

day 6

Colours galore !
(that's me)

I try to switch colours every day
for my Textile Jewel.
Though that means getting another few balls of cotton,
stranded cotton and machine rayon thread,
seed beads and sequins almost every day.
It's too much to leave it all lying around . . .
though Man thinks there is already TOO much as it is now !
(hmmmm, have to clear the place
because of the party we're having
in a good week's time !

Red and purple for the PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 6 :

a wet felted disc with a tiny crocheted flower
and some fabric snippets, stitched with silk and cotton,
and some seed beads.
(5.5 cm,   2")

For a donation 
of (at least)

  € 15  


this bold coloured brooch can be yours !
A fiery statement on your garment !
All you have to do for that is
send me an email at
or tell me in the comments below
and everything will be arranged
Paypal is possible and easy
(+ postage)

ALL your money is for the PINK RIBBON Fund !


another colour
another Textile Jewel !
See you tomorrow

(hmmmm, for me RED is a difficult colour in the garden
I don't have any red flowers !
though I love it when the poppies are in bloom along the roads !
. . . and I LOVE to wear RED !!!)


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