maandag 24 oktober 2022

day 24

 A bit later than the last few days :
a dear friend came by
to fetch the Textile Jewel she bought and we had a cup of tea.
It is wonderful to know
that some of my Jewels are still around close by,
while others have travelled half the world !
But that visit also meant
I still had to make the cord for the pendant that was already finished.

My PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day  24 :

a wet felted hollow pendant on a textile bead with an adjustable cord
a tiny felted disc and a mother-of-pearl bead,
stitched with many seed beads
(8 x 5 cm,   3.15 x 2")

For a donation
of at least

  € 15  


this distinguished gray pendant can be for you.
It would bring some delicate glitter to your dress !
(or, if you make it a present, of someone else's dress (or blouse!)
You just need to send me an email at  
(or tell me in the comments below)
and every next step will be arranged.
Paypal is possible ans simple.
(+ postage)

ALL your money goes to PINK RIBBON !


Water, the most important thing on earth,
bringing life, growth,
rain, rivers, oceans,
WE are water

Please visit again tomorrow :
there will be another PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel for you !

A choice of threads to make the cord
(and the scissors for the weight)

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