vrijdag 21 oktober 2022

day 21

 Yesterday I looked a bit better at my garden.
Normally I'm out there during spring, summer and autumn,
though right now "Pinktober" holds me inside most of the time.

Years ago a jay planted an oak tree.
It grew from a tiny baby with two leaves into a small potted oak of 1,5 m.
(because our garden is nowhere near the size fit for a normal oak tree !!!)
This year I even have our first "harvest" :
more than thirty acorns !
(Ha, I even saw a jay looking at them the other day !!!
It would be nice if he planted a grandchild of the original tree !)

My PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 21 :

a wet felted oak leaf,
stitched with silk, cotton and rayon,
some sequins and many seed beads
(8 x 5 cm,   3.15 x 2")

For a donation
of (at least)

€ 15


this colourful leaf can be yours
to adorn your garment.
Or why not make it into a present
for someone you hold dear ?
Just send me a email that you would love to have it at
or tell me in the comments below,
and we'll arrange the further steps !
Paypal is possible and easy
(+ postage)

ALL your money goes to PINK RIBBON !


there will be
another Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel
for you !

Hope to see you then !

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