zaterdag 29 oktober 2022

day 29

What to combine with it ?
It could be

. . .

Today red goes with purple,
though there is a tiny bit of orange too

my PNIK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 29 :

a wet felted hollow brooch with sequins inside and a felted disc
stitched with cotton, silk and rayon,
sequins and seed beads
(5,5 cm,   2.15")

For a donation
of at least

 € 15 


this wild flower can be yours.
Make your garment into a precious garden !
Just send me an email that you would like to have it at
or tell me in the comments below
then everything will be arranged
(+ postage)

ALL your money goes to PINK RIBBON  !


Two more Textile Jewels after this one !
See you tomorrow !

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