zaterdag 8 oktober 2022

day 8

Pffffft !
Sometimes things just DON'T turn out
the way you expected they would
. . . . .

Today was de VKG day
(the Dutch felters association)
Many dear friends were there
and some fun workshops to do
(inspired by "BOGOLAN mud cloth")
I also had to work on my Textile Jewel for today
so I took all the stuff I needed for that with me too
. . .
with no end

Too many sweet special people to talk to
too much explaining
too distracted . . .

(non of the workshops)
and though I made a start with stitching my little felt,
it never got anywhere near finished
(barely even !)

Thank heaven that a few months ago
I made this lovely pendant, just for the fun of it,
which was waiting for a special occasion
and will now be my

PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day  8 :

a felt and fabric heart pendant
on a adjustable wax cord
stitched with silk, cotton and rayon,
and several seed beads
(4 cm)

For a donation
of (at least)

€ 15


this sweet heart can be yours !
wouldn't it make a lovely present for a sweet person
in need of some extra love ?
You just need to send me an email at
and everything will be arranged
(Paypal is possible and easy)

ALL your money goes to PINK RIBBON !


Tomorrow there will be the Textile jewel
that was originally meant for this day  :-)
Hope to see you then !

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