dinsdag 18 oktober 2022

day 18

An early bird this time
(that leaves a bit of time to do some more felting !)

For this jewel
I just started by making a BIG textile bead,
and after that the rest of the idea emerged.

On a background of "Hobbs" I start with all kinds of snippets of fabric.
Then comes the fun part of random stitching
with my wonderful shiny polyester/rayon threads with different machine stitches.
After rolling it around a skewer and stitching it tight
I finish the holes at the side with matching coloured thread.
Done !

Here is my PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 18 :

a wet felted half circle with a long textile bead and on an adjustable homemade cord,
stitched on both sides with silk and silver thread,
and many seed beads.
(6 x 8cm,    2.4 x 3.15")

For a donation
of (at least)

 € 15 

this marvelous piece of night sky
can be yours !
It would also make a wonderful present for a dear friend
(wife, sister, mother, daughter etc. )
You just need to send me an email at
or say that you want to have it in the comments below.
Then everything will be arranged.
Paypal is possible and simple !
(+ postage)

ALL your money will go to PINK RIBBON !


And tomorrow ???
there will be a new Textile Jewel for Pink Ribbon again !


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